Accepting payments using WooCommerce
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Accepting payments using WooCommerce

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This plugin integrates Helcim Commerce with your WooCommerce store. You can find the plugin h

Helcim.js vs Direct API Integration

Our WooCommerce plugin offers two integration modes:


Helcim.js is recommended as it greatly reduces your security and PCI compliance scope. The credit card tokenization takes place between your client's web browser and Helcim's servers, removing your server from having to touch full credit card information. However, Helcim.js does not work with some older browsers and can conflict with other plugins installed on your WordPress website.

View WooCommerce Helcim.js Instructions

Direct Integration

The direct integration providers a more straight-forward payment integration, but brings your server into the full scope of PCI compliance. Merchants should choose their integration mode based on their security practices.

View WooCommerce Direct API Integration Instructions

Web-Server Requirements and Testing

Both integration methods require your server to be able to perform CURL requests. Transactions are sent to using port 443. Helcim Commerce uses TLS1.2 and only strong TLS cypers, you can view a list here.

You may need to work with your hosting provider to make sure that your firewall rules allow outbound access to the URL and port listed avove. When installing the plugin to your WordPress and WooCommerce installation, we recommend performing transactions in test mode first before switching to production (live). You can find test credit card numbers here.

Download Instructions

The easiest way to install the plugin is to login to your WordPress installation, select "Plugins" and search for "Helcim Commerce" in the plugin marketplace. You can also download the plugin (.zip) file directly from the WordPress website listed above. You then login to your WordPress administration, upload the plugin and install it.

Customer Account Creation
The Helcim WooCommerce plugin doesn't currently support account creating upon checkout

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