Adding a Barcode Reader
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Adding a Barcode Reader

Accessing the Settings

If you would like to use a barcode reader, you can add the device under your account settings and Local Peripherals. To access these settings click on the Hamburger Menu Icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, then click on the Settings Icon.

account settings and local peripherals

Next, select Settings from the menu.
settings menu

From the settings menu, select Barcode Reader under Local Peripherals

You are now able to add a Barcode Reader by connecting it through Bluetooth.

Socket s700 Barcode Scanner

You can use the Socket s700 Barcode Scanner to help you quickly process customer orders at your checkout. To begin, connect the barcode scanner to your device using the bluetooth settings. Once you have connected the barcode scanner to your device, scan the command barcode below that is associated with your device. 

  • iOS: If you are using an Apple iPad, you would scan the Application Mode (MFi-SPP) for Apple iOS devices.
  • Android: If you are using an Android device, you will need to install the Socket Companion app before you sync the barcode scanner with the Helcim Payments app. You can view and download the app here.

application modes

After scanning the barcode the Socket s700 will reboot and connect with your device automatically. 

If you're having trouble scanning the barcodes in this article, or you want to view the full list of barcode commands, you can access the complete Socket s700 Barcode Scanner manual here.

Barcode Reader Settings

You can adjust the Barcode Reader settings in the Helcim Payments app. Click on the Settings Icon to access the app settings, then under Local Peripherals select Barcode Reader to change your preferences. Toggle the radio buttons On or Off depending on if you want the scanner to beep, vibrate, or remain silent each time you scan an item.

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