An Overview of Helcim Payment Pages
    • 17 Jan 2023
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    An Overview of Helcim Payment Pages

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    Payment pages give your business an easy and secure way to accept credit cards online, you can use them in several ways including as part of your shopping cart, as a pay now button, or as an integrated part of your billing system.

    What is a Hosted Payment Page?

    The Hosted Payment Page is an easy and secure way of accepting credit card payments online. It can be used in a number of ways - as part of your shopping cart's checkout, as a simple "Pay Now" function of your website, as an integrated part of your billing system and much more! The payment page can be as simple as asking for credit card information, or can require provision of the billing and shipping information. You can select which fields are shown, which fields are required, and can even create your own unique fields such as text, drop-down and checkbox selection menus.

    The payment page uses HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create unique visual templates. You can easily make basic visual adjustments to match your brand or fully customize the look and feel using your own cascading style sheets. Commerce can provide you or your web designer with all the tools needed to create a custom design that reflects your business.

    Getting Started

    Payment Pages can be found in your Helcim Dashboard. Getting started with payment pages is easy, just click on the Payment Page List option from your menu and you can begin creating new pages. There are two options for creating a payment page, you can either create a new custom page, or a new page from template.

    If you want to create any custom options for your payment page, you can enter custom fields under your Settings options by clicking on Merchandising and Invoicing then Invoice Settings and enabling custom settings. By configuring your settings first, you will have access to your custom field options when you set up your first page.

    Finally, check out the Payment Page Theme Designer to see how you can customize your payment page to match your business's branding.

    You can also view two different tutorial videos on how to create a payment page from a template to help you get started. Check out the videos here.

    Next Steps

    Learn more about all the different things Payment Pages can do in these tutorials:

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