Completing or Renewing Your PCI Compliance
  • 23 Feb 2023
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Completing or Renewing Your PCI Compliance

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Helcim makes it easy to complete your PCI Compliance, most businesses can answer the questions and obtain their certification all from within their Helcim account.

For an overview of PCI Compliance, click here

To complete your PCI Compliance questionnaire, click on All Tools and then on My Business.

my business

Then click on Security and Compliance on the left side menu.

On the landing page, you can learn more about PCI Compliance and why it is important and view your current compliance status. If you have not yet completed your PCI Compliance questionnaire your status will be listed as Not Compliant.your compliance

Completing the Questionnaire

PCI Compliance due date
You have 90 days from when your account is approved to complete your PCI Compliance by answering the security questions.

To get complete the compliance requirements, click on Answer Security Questions.answer security questionsThe questions that are generated will vary depending on your type of business and operations. Once the form is generated, simply work through all the questions to complete your compliance.get PCI-DSS CompliantIf you need more information about any of the questions, simply click on the i icon on the right-hand side for a more detailed description.

Once you have reviewed the questions, click on Submit Compliance.submit complianceYou have now completed your PCI Compliance for the year. You can see your new status along with the date it is valid until displayed in green on the main landing page.change my compliance scope

Changing Your Compliance Scope

If how you accept credit cards or your business operations change, you can update your compliance details by clicking on Change My Compliance Scope.change my compliance scopeYou will now need to manually submit your compliance.manually submit your complianceUploaded File: Select the file you want to upload from your device
Compliance Type: Use the drop-down menu to select your compliance type
Your Name: This will be auto-populated with your username
Your Title: This will be auto-populated with the title entered in your account

Once you are done entering in the information, click on Submit Compliance.submit compliance

Other compliance requirements
Additional documentation and compliance requirements will be requested if you are using the Helcim API or Integrations to send full card numbers. Learn more here.

Renewing Your PCI Compliance

Once you are less than 90 days away from your PCI Compliance expiring you'll be able to complete the questionnaire again and renew your compliance.

When you're ready to re-submit your PCI Compliance, select My Business and Security and Compliance if you're within the 90 day window of expiry, you will see the option to Renew Compliance.
your compliance
You can now complete the questionnaire to renew your compliance for another year.

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