Editing an Invoice
    • 10 Jan 2024
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    Editing an Invoice

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    If you need to edit an invoice once you have created it, simply click on the invoice from within the Invoices section of your Helcim account.


    Once you have selected an invoice it will automatically open in Edit Mode. You can preview what the invoice will look like from selecting the View Invoice Online button under actions to view the invoice as your customers would.

    edit mode

    While in Edit Mode, click through to the sections of the invoice you want to adjust and make the required changes. Your edits will not automatically save as you go, to save changes ensure you select Save at the top right of the screen. When you are done editing select View Online to view your changes.

    Delete an Invoice

    If you have created an invoice that you do not need or the customer has changed their mind. Click on Edit and change the status of the invoice to Canceled.

    delete an invoice

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