How to Send a Referral
  • 27 Sep 2022
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How to Send a Referral

You can invite friends and other business owners to sign up for Helcim from your account dashboard. When you successfully refer someone new to Helcim you can earn free processing.

To get start with a referral, begin by logging into your account. From your account dashboard you can click on Earn Free Processing.earn free processing
If this is your first time referring someone to Helcim, you can select Send Your First Invite to email or text your referral, or select How It Works for more details on the process.
send your first invite and spread the word
After selecting Send Your First Invite you can now enter the details of the individual you want to refer.
form to enter your friends email and nameIn the first field, you will either enter the email or phone number of the person you want to refer. You can click on the Email and SMS button to toggle between the two options. Next, enter their name to personalize your message.

Once you are done entering their details, click on Send to invite the individual to sign up for Helcim. They will receive either and email or text message inviting them to learn more and sign up.
thank you screen after inviting your friend to join Helcim
Click on Send another invite to invite more people to join Helcim by repeating the steps above.

send another inviteIf you want to share a general referral link, for example on your social media channels, you can use the Copy Link option at the bottom of the page to share your unique referral link with your network.

After you have sent your first invite you will be able to see a summary of the invites you have sent and their status when you click on Earn Free Processing.
invites sent

When you successfully refer a new business to Helcim, both your account and the account for the new business you referred will receive the referral amount of payments with no transaction fees. You can view the referral amount and amount used on your merchant statements.

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