Magento 2.0 Intergration
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Magento 2.0 Intergration

Pre-Authorization Only
Please note that the Magento Integration is set up to only allow Pre-Authorizations. You can learn more about capturing and managing pre-authorized transactions here.

When setting up your integration in Magento, you will have two options for your settings, either via API or via API and .js

  • Select API to process preAuths and capture transactions through Helcim Commerce
  • Select Helcim.js and set the .js token to "Card Verify (Tokenize Only)" to protect your customers' data by tokenizing their card details before processing the transaction through the API.

Once you have completed your Magento set up, you can begin processing transactions. If you are using Helcim.js, transactions will take the form of a $0.00 Card Verify transaction, which will tokenize the customer's card, followed by a PreAuth transaction run via the API.

If you are just using the API, the entire process of generating a PreAuth transaction will be handled via the API.

The new Helcim Payment Plugin for Magento 2 Community Edition can be downloaded here:

Version Support
Please note that Helcim does not support integrations with Magento 1.0, support is only provided for Magento 2.0.

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