Processing a Manual Transaction
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Processing a Manual Transaction

This article provides information about how to process a card-not-present transaction through the Helcim App.



If you need to process a manual or keyed transaction, begin by clicking on Point of Sale from within the Helcim Payments app.

welcome to Helcim screen with three options
Use the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the app to change your payment method. Using this drop-down, you can switch between accepting payments using the card reader for card-present transactions or Card Manual Entry for keyed-in or card-not-present transactions. 

credit / debit drop down

Click Card Manual Entry to change the payment method.

select payment method


Enter the transaction amount and review your tax and tip settings. Click Process Payment.

process payment screen

Now enter your customer information into the text boxes on the Credit Card Information screen and click > Process Paymentcard manual entry form with cancel and process buttonsOnce complete, the app will take you to an approval page.

approval pageClick on Close if you would like to process another transaction, or select one of the receipt options to issue a record of the payment to your customer.

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