Processing a Sale in Terminal Mode
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Processing a Sale in Terminal Mode

Processing a sale in Terminal Mode lets you enter the transaction information directly into the card reader. 


If you would like to process a sale in terminal mode, simply open the Helcim Payments app and click on the Card Reader Icon in the menu bar.card reader iconConfirm that the Terminal Mode setting is toggled to On. You are now ready to process a payment.Helcim card reader setup wizardWhen the Terminal Mode option is on, you can initiate payments directly from the Helcim Card Reader by typing the transaction amount on the card reader keyboard. While in Terminal Mode, the Helcim Payments App screen will continue to update and reflect the different stages of the transaction. However, you do not need to have the Helcim Payments app in front of you while using the Helcim Card Reader in Terminal Mode.

Helcim card reader waiting for customer


Once the transaction is complete the Helcim Card Reader will re-sent to the Enter Amount screen. You will also see a Transaction Approved message in the Helcim Payments app.transaction approved with open register and new payment buttonsYou can now process your next payment.

Battery Usage
Using Terminal Mode will drain the card reader's battery faster if the card reader is not connected via USB or plugged in during use.

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