QuickBooks Online Integration Setup
  • 23 Dec 2022
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QuickBooks Online Integration Setup

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How to Access the QuickBooks Online Integration

To integrate your QuickBooks Online account with your Helcim Account click on Integrations and QuickBooks Online Settings.API Access Configurations

Please note

You need to have your QuickBooks Online account setup before you can integrate your Helcim Account with QuickBooks online.

Next, click on Login to QuickBooks Online to get started.Please login to QuickBooks Online

  • You will be redirected to QuickBooks Online where you will need to login using your QuickBooks credentials
  • Click on Authorize

You will now be redirected back to your Helcim Account. Choose your default settings for the integration based on your QuickBooks setup.Product / Item export formTo find the settings referenced above, login in to your Quickbooks Online account and click on the Settings icon and then on All Lists.
All lists in settingsNext, you will want to select click on Chart of Accounts in your QuickBooks account.
Chart of AccountsOn this screen, confirm which account you would like to use for your Income, Assets, and Expenses and ensure these settings match the settings in your Helcim account.
QuickBooks Online account settings

Click on Save in your Helcim account to apply the changes once you have confirmed your settings.Save button

How to Import and Export Your Data

For the data to be properly read and understood by QuickBooks, we recommend that if you have customers, products, and orders in QuickBooks that you import it from QuickBooks to your Helcim account first so the data can be properly read and understood by QuickBooks when you start the exporting process.

Import and Export
Import refers to moving data from QuickBooks to Helcim and export refers to moving data from Helcim to QuickBooks.

You will need to import your data in the following order:

  1. Customers
  2. Products
  3. Orders

QuickBooks limitation

Due to QuickBooks limitations, transactions (payments) cannot be imported

When exporting data follow this order:

  1. Customers
  2. Products
  3. Orders
  4. Transactions
Tips with Customer codes
Please ensure your Customer Codes only contain numerical values before exporting the from your Helcim account into QuickBooks. Customer Codes cannot have letters in them to Export them from Helcim into Quickbooks. To change the default Customer Code settings please visit our support article here for instructions.

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