Refunding a transaction with WooCommerce
  • 09 Jan 2023
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Refunding a transaction with WooCommerce

Refund in WooCommerce
Refunding transactions through WooCommerce is only available for merchants who are using the latest version of the Helcim Plugin. For integration instructions or to upgrade your plugin, please view the instructions here

To process a refund for your transactions processed with your WooCommerce integration, follow the instructions below.

Under the WooCommerce plugin settings of your WordPress account, click on Orders from the menu on the left-hand side.WooCommerce menu option

Click on the order that you would like to refund. In the Edit Order screen, click on the Refund button.refund button

Edit the Quantity and Total of your products in the order for the refund and you will see the total update in the Refund amount field.quantity and total of your products fields

After entering the refund amount, click on Refund via HelcimCommerce and then OK to confirm.Refund via HelcimCommerce option

After the refund has been completed, you will see that your order has been updated and the refunded amount will be displayed on your order.refunded amount form

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