Reset or Duplicate Payment Page Fields
    • 16 May 2023
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    Reset or Duplicate Payment Page Fields

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    Reset or Duplicate Fields

    If you want to reset the fields on your payment page to the default or duplicate a payment page, you can do so by clicking on Payment Pages and Payment Page List to view a list of your available payment pages.

    Next, select the payment page that you want to create a New Token or a New Key for by clicking on the page.hosted payment pagesBoth options are available under Actions button on the top right-hand side of your screen.Select the action that you want to perform, either Reset Fields to Default or Duplicate Payment Page, and click Yes to confirm the action.are you sure you want to perform this action

    Reset Fields to Default

    A confirmation message will appear confirming that the payment page fields are now reset to the default.success - payment page fields reset to default

    Duplicate Payment Page

    You will now be able to customize any aspects of the page that need to be changed, or re-name the informationClick Save to apply your changes and create the button

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