Using Bank Payments with Recurring Invoicing
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Using Bank Payments with Recurring Invoicing

Recurring Invoicing lets you automatically collect scheduled payments from customers using either their credit card or bank account information. If you want to set up a recurring invoice that will be paid by bank payment (also referred to as ACH or PAD Payments) please review the steps below.

Begin by logging into your Helcim account and selecting Invoicing, next create an invoice as you normally would and enter the customer information.

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When you are ready to enter the payment method for the recurring invoice, select the ACH/EFT from the drop-down menu on the Create Recurring Invoice screen.

create a recurring invoice

If the customer profile has verified banking information on file you do not need to do anything else, simply specify the recurring invoice schedule and Save the invoice.

If the customer profile does NOT have verified information on file, an email will be sent to the customer asking them to authorize the payment from their bank account and confirm their bank account details.

You can finalize the recurring invoicing details and save the invoice while you wait for the customer to respond to the email.

After the customer enters their banking information they will agree to have the funds withdrawn from their account. You will be notified once the customer has authorized the payment and confirmed their information.

For future payments, the customer will receive an email notification three days before the withdrawal and you will be notified once the transaction is complete.

If you are a Canadian Merchant, please click here to view important information about using bank transfer payments.

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