ACH Payment Rules for Canadian Merchants
    • 18 Jul 2023
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    ACH Payment Rules for Canadian Merchants

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    Canadian Merchants accepting bank payments from customers need to adhere to some additional rules and regulations. Below are three of the most common bank payment rules that apply to Canadian businesses. 

    These guidelines are not considered an exhaustive list of Payment Canada rules and regulations for bank payments, for complete details or specific questions please refer to the Payments Canada website

    Please be aware that:

    • The first bank payment for a new customer will be only be completed after the customer completes the PAD Authorization Form
    • If you edit the Bank Account Holder Name, Helcim will send a notification to the customer.
    • Your customer can cancel the PAD Agreement at any time, provided they give 30 days notice before the next debit

    Authorization from the customer includes an agreement (adhering to Payments Canada rules- where they have given permission to have their bank account debited. If merchants do not have a Pre-Authorized Debit agreement with a customer, they can obtain one using Helcim's ACH Payment tools.

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