American Express OptBlue
  • 30 Jan 2023
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American Express OptBlue

What is the OptBlue program?

The American Express OptBlue program is designed to encourage merchants with lower processing volume and revenue to accept American Express cards by removing a minimum monthly processing volume and making it easier for small businesses to process AMEX cards. Merchants who sign up with Helcim are able to take advantage of American Express’ OptBlue program. No direct sign up with AMEX is required. 

Should I accept Amex? 

There are many benefits of accepting Amex, including more flexibility for your customers as well as competitive rates with Amex’s OptBlue program for small and medium sized businesses. You can read more information about the benefits of accepting Amex here:

Please be aware that certain industry codes are ineligible for the OptBlue program: 

  • 5552: Electric Vehicle Charging
  • 3501 - 3999: Lodging
  • 9402: Government owned post offices

Please note: Merchants are only eligible to access the OptBlue program with Helcim

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