Editing Field Settings on a Payment Page
    • 28 Sep 2023
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    Editing Field Settings on a Payment Page

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    Edit your Existing Payment Pages

    To make an edit, click on Payment Page List under Payment Pages.

    Click on the name of the Payment Page that you want to edit.Select Field Settings under the Payment Page section.Next, modify the settings as needed.

    Security Settings

    Security Settings: Toggle the radio button On or Off to adjust the settings. Refer to this article here for an explanation of hashing. Essentially, hashing prevents the amount on the payment page from being altered by URL or POST modification. Secret Hash Key: This is a display field only and it cannot be changed.

    Field Settings

    Toggle the radio buttons to On or Off for each option: Show - If selected, the Field will be displayed on the Payment Page. Edit - If selected, the Customer will be able to edit the data in the field (text/dollar amount etc.) Required - If selected, the field must be filled in by the Customer or the payment cannot be processed.


    For each of these options you can select if you would like to them to required and if they will be editable.

    • Order Id
    • Customer Id
    • Comments
    • Amount

    Default Amount - Enter the default price of the item
    Minimum Amount - Enter the minimum price for the item
    Maximum Amount - Enter the maximum price for the item

    Minimum Amount

    Helcim recommends having a minimum amount in place to prevent card authorization testing.

    To edit the Billing and/or Shipping Information fields, click on the arrow for the drop-down menu. Visible: Toggle the radio button to On or Off. This must be enabled to show the fields on Payment Page. Radio buttons for fields:

    • Contact Name
    • Business Name
    • Street Address
    • Street Address (2)
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Country
    • Postal/Zip Code
    • Telephone
    • FAX
    • Email

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