• 28 Jun 2023
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    Please note that Helcim cannot help with issues experienced while using Please contact them directly for assistance.

    The Helcim Support Team is happy to provide assistance on:

    • Questions and information regarding processing fees
    • Fee Statements

    When using integrations through, the integration process is completed through This means that Helcim Support cannot help with any integration related issues.

    For information on setting up, testing, and troubleshooting the integration, please refer to their website at or contact them at

    After you confirm you would like to integrate your Helcim account with, please notify Helcim to confirm.

    • Helcim will verify with that you have an account with them - please provide Helcim with the following:
      • Business name
      • Your contact name
      • Your contact at Foxy
    • Once confirmation is received, Helcim configure the settings for the API token being used for the Foxy Integration
    • If you are requesting to Allow Full Card Numbers, you will also need to complete Helcim's PCI compliance questionnaire unless you require SAQ-D

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this process.

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