Importing and Exporting Plan Data
  • 27 Oct 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Importing and Exporting Plan Data

If you would like to import or export data from your subscription plans, you can do so by clicking on Subscription Management and Import / Export.Next, select which menu option meets your needs.

Import Data

You can import data on your subscribers, plan add-ons, and metered data. To get started, click on the option that you would like to import. For this example, we will be importing Subscribers data.

Click on the file type you will be important and select Next.Next, click on Browse to select the file that you want to upload. Once you have added it to the uploader, click on Next.


If this is your first-time uploading data to your Helcim Account, click on Sample File to download a template that can be used to format your data.

Review the data that is going to be upload and click on Confirm to complete the import.

Export Data

To export data, first click on the type of data that you want to export, either Subscribers, Add-Ons, or Metered.

Next, click on the CSV file to initiate the export.
If exporting subscriber information you have the option to only export subscribers with expiring credit cards.
A success message will pop-up confirming that the information has been downloaded to your device.

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