Processing a Sale in the App
  • 17 Jan 2023
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Processing a Sale in the App

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If you are logged into the Helcim Payments app and have Terminal Mode turned Off,your transactions will be initiated through the app. 

Terminal Mode is turned off by default


Processing a Sale

To process a sale, click on the Credit Card Icon in the app and enter in the amount you want to process and click Process Payment.process a sale

Adding Taxes or Tips

Taxes: Will be generated based on your account settings.
Tips: Toggle the button On or Off if you want to give the customer the option to enter tips

If you are done confirming the payment information, you can click on the Process Payment to initiate the transaction.
process a payment - adding taxes or tips

Entering Payment Details

If your app is connected to the Helcim Card Reader, then the device will prompt your customer, or you can manually enter the cardholder's information. If you are manually entering in the information, select process to complete the transaction.entering payment details

You can now pass the Helcim Card Reader to your customer so they can enter their information. As the customer enters their information, your workstation will display a Waiting for Customer message.Helcim card reader waiting for customerOnce the transaction is complete your workstation will display a Transaction Approved message.

Transaction Receipts

If you want to give your customer a receipt, you can do so now. You can choose to email a receipt to your customer or provide a printed receipt if you have a printer connected to your device. 

To provide a printed receipt, click Print Receipt. If you need assistance to connect a printer to your Helcim account, you can find more information here.

To provide an emailed receipt, click Email. From here you can enter your customer's email address and click Email Receipt

Once you have provided a copy of the transaction to the customer, you are ready to move on to your next transaction.

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