Security Settings
    • 18 Jan 2023
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    Security Settings

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    Helcim Defenders help you evaluate the risk of a transaction based on several different factors.

    You can configure your Helcim Defender settings by clicking on the Settings icon and selecting Helcim Defender under Security Settings.Security Settings

    To begin using Helcim Defender toggle the radio button for Defender Status to On.Helcim Defender statusNext, set the Ecommerce Automatic Protection and Settings fields.Ecommerce automatic protection

    The Helcim Defender is an estimation of risk based on transaction factors listed below. There are no guarantees made on the transaction or chargeback outcome.

    AVS Auto-Void: Toggle the radio buttons from On and Off. If the AVS comes back without a match, it will decline the transaction. Learn more about what the different AVS responses mean here.

    Accepted AVS: The AVS response codes that would be accepted for address verification

    Defender Auto-Void: Toggle the radio buttons from On and Off. If the score comes back below the score minimum, the transaction will be voided by Helcim Defender

    Score Minimum: The minimum out of 10 that would automatically void the transaction, you can adjust this value using the drop-down menu. A score of 0 indicates a high risk transaction, while a score of 10 indicates a low risk transaction.Save buttonClick Save to apply your changes.

    To learn more about how Helcim Fraud Defender works, check out this article here.

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