Understanding Bank Deposits
    • 21 Dec 2023
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    Understanding Bank Deposits

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    Helcim provides daily batch settlements, meaning that your transactions for the day are grouped and sent to your bank account daily.

    Knowing when your batches are settled, how long the funds will take to appear in your bank account, and how the total is calculated can help you manage your business. Funds will be deposited into the bank account you have linked with your Helcim account.

    Deposit Timelines

    These batch settlements should take 2-business days to appear in your bank account. The chart below provides a breakdown of that deposit flow. Please note that merchants that are banking with smaller banks or credit unions may experience 3-business day deposits.

    Batch settlement and bank deposit timelines

    Net Deposits

    Batch settlements are settled via net deposits, meaning that the credit and debit card processing fees are removed from the total before being deposited to your bank account. For example, rounding to a 2% processing fee, a batch total of $1,000 will see a deposit of $980 made to your bank account. The merchant dashboard will provide a detailed breakdown and display both the gross and net batch amount, making your bookkeeping and reconciliation easy.

    Net deposits

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