ACH Payment Transaction Statuses
  • 07 Feb 2023
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ACH Payment Transaction Statuses

Below is a description of the common bank payment transaction statuses that you may see for transactions in your account, these statuses reflect the current state of the transaction. 

Pending: The customer still needs to complete the bank authorization form.

Approved: The transaction has been processed and the funds will be released to your business in three business days.

Settled: The transaction has been deposited to your bank account.

Returned: The transaction was not able to be processed and/or has been returned to the customer. You will receive an email notification with the reason for the return and the next steps that are needed before re-trying the payment. Please review our article on ACH Bank Payment Return Codes for additional information.

Reversed: The transaction was reversed by your business. This status can also appear if you reverse a bank payment while that payment is in "Pending" status.

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