• 16 Nov 2022
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    PICK UP CARD Error

    Article Summary

    The transaction message "PICK UP CARD" is a decline notification sent by the customer's bank. If you see this message in response to a transaction you're trying to run, it means that the customer's bank is declining the transaction.

    The "Pick up card" error message is due to either the card being expired and no longer in circulation, or because the card has been canceled or reported stolen.

    In a card-present environment (retail), you can request the customer use another payment method to complete the transaction. You should be cautious when dealing with a customer who presents a card that generates this response in case the transaction is fraudulent. Review our tips on preventing card-present fraud for additional indicators that a transaction might be fraudulent.

    In a card-not-present (MOTO, Ecommerce) environment, this response could indicate a stolen or lost card is being used for the transaction. Here too you should be cautious about dealing with customers whose cards return this response as it can be a red flag for fraud. To learn more about protecting yourself against online/card-not-present fraud, click here.

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