AVS Response Codes
  • 15 Nov 2022
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AVS Response Codes

The address verification service (AVS) is offered as part of the Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex network. The service checks if the address of a credit card is linked to the person claiming to own that card.

The AVS response will not impact the approval or decline of a transaction, but can help as an indicator on whether you should proceed with the transaction. Although the street address can sometimes be tricky to match, the postal/zip code is usually a more accurate indicator. AVS is mostly supported by banks throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Most card issuers outside of those countries do not participate in the address verification service.

Response Codes

AVS Response CodeDescription
AAddress (Street) matches, Zip does not
BStreet address match, Postal code in wrong format (international issuer)
CStreet address and postal code in wrong formats
DStreet address and postal code match (international issuer)
EAVS error
FAddress does compare and five-digit ZIP code does compare (UK only)
GCard issued by a non-US issuer that does not participate in the AVS System
IAddress information not verified by international issuer
MStreet Address and Postal code match (international issuer)
NNo Match on Address (Street) or Zip
PPostal codes match, Street address not verified due to incompatible formats
RRetry, System unavailable or Timed out
SService not supported by issuer
UAddress information is unavailable (domestic issuer)
W9 digit Zip matches, Address (Street) does not
XExact AVS Match
YAddress (Street) and 5 digit Zip match
Z5 digit Zip matches, Address (Street) does not

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