Subscription Management Settings
    • 07 Sep 2023
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    Subscription Management Settings

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    These settings are applicable for the users of our Legacy Subscription Management platform. For users of our updated Subscription Manager platform, click here.

    If you offer subscription plans, then you can manage your subscriptions billing settings by clicking on the Settings icon and selecting Subscription Management Settings under Payments and Plans.payments and plansNext, confirm your settings for Dunning Management. A Dunning Management software tool can help your business maintain a steady stream of payments.

    dunning management

    • Check Contact Info: Toggle On or Off to check that the customer has contact information on file.

    • Check Card on File: Toggle On or Off if you want the Dunning Management tool to confirm customer credit cards are active.

    • Check Bank Account on File: Toggle On or Off if you want the Dunning Management tool to confirm the customer bank account is accurate.

    • Send Email to Customers: Use the drop-down menu to select between Off, On - Weekly, On - Semi-Monthly, On - Monthly to determine the frequency that emails are sent notifying customers their credit card information needs to be settingsConfirm how you want to notify customers that their information needs to be updated.

    • Customer Billing Heads-Up: Select Off or the number of days before their billing date you want to notify them.

    • Receipt Type: Select the type of receipt you want to send to customers, either an Order Receipt or a Transaction buttonClick Save to apply your settings.

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