Types of Invoices You Can Create
    • 08 Nov 2022
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    Types of Invoices You Can Create

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    Helcim Invoicing allows you to create many different types of invoices/orders depending on your business needs. Use these types as a guideline when creating invoices, each business is unique, and your individual needs may vary.

    When you are creating an invoice, you will be asked to specify what type of invoice you are making in the Invoice Information screen. Here are the different options and the potential scenarios for when each would be used:

    TypeCommonly Used For
    EstimateIf you are doing work or providing a service where you do not have all the details for the job, you might provide your customers with an estimate.
    QuoteIf a customer asks for a quote on a service or an item, you can provide them with a written document referencing what the cost of the work will be.
    OrderIf a customer requests a product either verbally or through a written form, then they are submitting an order. When a customer submits an order, they are expressing their intention to make a purchase.
    Purchase OrderA purchase order, or "PO," is a formal written document that details a transaction between a customer and your business for the items or services that they are buying. The purchase order is a commercial document and is used to communicate the details of an order to your company.
    InvoiceProvided to customers when you want to collect payment from them for a product or service that you provided.
    StatementA statement is a summary provided to customers that details the services or products they purchased over a specified period, most often a month.
    RegistrationWhen adding a customer to a subscription service or a subscription plan, you would complete a registration.
    CreditIf you want to notify a customer that they have a credit for future purchases, you can send them an invoice that shows the credit for their account

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