Viewing Customer History
  • 07 Feb 2023
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Viewing Customer History

Your Helcim Account includes detailed reports on customer actions, so you can learn more about their purchase history.

You can view the different reporting options for customers by going to the Customer List under the Customers section, select a customer and choosing from the options highlighted below.view transaction history

View Transaction History

Clicking on View Transaction History will let you review the transaction history for this customer. If you have processed transactions for the customer they will show on the screen here, if you have not yet processed a transaction for this customer then the screen will state No Data Available.
credit card transactions

View Invoice History

See previous invoices assigned to that customer and their status.
invoice history

View Subscriptions

If the customer is assigned to any subscriptions/recurring plans, the information will be included in this screen.view subscriptions

View Product Reviews

If the customer has submitted any reviews for your products, you will be able to view their entries here.product reviews

Log History

Viewing the log history will let you know when you customers have logged into the Customer Portal and if they made any changes to their information or subscription plan while they were logged in.

If you do not have the Customer Portal activated, you will not see any information under the logs.

customer logs

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