Viewing Your Credit Card Batches
    • 19 Dec 2023
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    Viewing Your Credit Card Batches

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    You can review your card batches including details on individual transactions from the payments section of your Helcim account. 

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    Viewing your credit card batches 

    To view your credit card batches, click on Payments, then select Credit Card Batches from the menu.

    Select batches from payments

    This will open an overview page with a summary of your Credit Card Batches. If you have multiple terminals associated with your account, select the drop down arrow next to the terminal name to choose your terminal.

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    Credit Card Batch List

    Clicking on a batch will open up additional details for the batch or review the specific transactions that were included in the batch. You can click on the three dots button in the top right-hand corner of your screen to open the actions menu. From here you can:

    • Export as PDF
    • Export as CSV
    • Print 
    • Settle- This will close that particular bath
    • Email batch report

    Batch Drawer

    Batch actions menu

    From the Batch Information draw, you can view the processing fees per batch. Whilst these are being calculated, they will display as pending. Once calculated, the amount will display. This information will also be available on the main Credit Card Batches list. 

    Batch fees caluclating

    Batch fees in list view

    Viewing Transaction Details

    If you would like to view the transaction details for a specific batch, click on Transactions in the Batch menu. This will display the transactions in the batch menu.

    Transactions list highlighted

    Transaction list from Drawer

    If you select View Details from the Transaction Summary box, you will be directed to the transactions list, pre-filtered to those specific batch transactions. 

    View details highlighted

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