Accepting a Payment from the Point-Of-Sale
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Accepting a Payment from the Point-Of-Sale

Once you have added all the products to the cart, you can select the drop-down menu at the top of the cart to confirm your payment method.

online shopping cart with select payment optionsNext, confirm the payment payment methodYou can now select Process Payment to complete the transaction.
process payment viewNext you will be prompted to confirm the payment method or enter the required details to complete the sale.confirm payment methodIf your ready to proceed, you can select Process, otherwise use the drop-down menu to select an alternate payment method.
select alternative payment methodDepending on the payment method you have selected you may be prompted to enter additional details.

  • Credit/Debit: Proceed with accepting the payment using your Helcim Card Reader Card 
  • Manual Entry: Enter the cardholders information to process the payment 
  • Cash: Confirm the cash received 
  • Check: Enter the Check Number 
  • Misc.: You can enter a note regarding the payment 
  • External Credit: Enter the external approval code for reference 
  • External Debit: Enter the external debit approval code for reference

You'll see a confirmation screen confirming that the payment has been processed. Select Print Receipt or Email Receipt to give the customer a record of the transaction.
payment has been processed with print and email close and view transaction buttons

You can now select Close and move to the next transaction.

Partial Payments
If you accept a partial payment using one payment method then want to use a secondary method to complete the transaction you will be directed to the Transactions page, you can then open the partial order in the Order Manager and complete the payment.

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