Adding Taxes to Subscriptions
  • 29 Aug 2022
  • 1 Minute to read

Adding Taxes to Subscriptions

When using Helcim Subscription Management, taxes can be automatically added to your plans based on your account settings.

The default tax setting is to use the provincial/state tax rate based on your customer's location. However, you can modify these settings to meet your unique business needs. 

If you would like to adjust the overall tax settings for your account, click on the Settings Cog Icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Merchant Account Settings and Taxes.

For more information on customizing your tax settings, please visit the support article on Setting Up Your Merchant Account.

If you want to edit the tax settings for an individual subscription plan, you can do so under the Advanced Settings when creating or editing a plan. Simply select Show Advanced to expand the options and adjust your selections under Tax Settings.

You can adjust which sections of the plan are taxable and what tax location you want to use.

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