Adding a Subscriber to a Plan
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Adding a Subscriber to a Plan

Once you have created a plan, you are able to add existing customers to the plan by navigating to the Subscription Management section of you Helcim account and clicking on Plans.

Next, click on the subscription plan that you want to add a subscriber to.Once you have selected the plan you want to add a subscriber to you can click on Subscribers from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen.Next, click on New Subscriber
The subscriber information will populate based on the settings in your subscription plan. If you need to edit any of the fields, you can do so now before you assign the customer to the plan.Payment Type: How the customer will be paying for the subscription
Notes: Any comments you need to add
Subscriber Amounts: The Base Initial and the Base Recurring fields are auto filled based on the subscription plan settings
Status: Active or Trial
Cycles: If you want the subscription to end after a certain period of time you can enter that number here. Ex. For a 12-month pre-paid subscription you would enter 12 for the cycles
Start Date: Select when you want the plan to start
Date Removed: This will be the end date for the customer's subscription, it is an optional field. 
If you select date that has already passed for Date Removed the subscriber will be marked as INACTIVE and will not be billed for the subscription. Always select a future date if applicable to ensure the subscriber will be billed for the subscription plan.

You can add a customer by searching for an existing customer or clicking on Create New Customer and manually entering their information. If you select Create New Customer you will need to enter their payment details and address information.
Click on Add to assign the customer to the subscription plan.A confirmation message will appear confirming that a new subscription has been created.You can view all the assigned customers for a specific plan on the subscriber overview page.

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