Capturing and Managing Pre-Authorized Transactions
    • 19 Dec 2023
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    Capturing and Managing Pre-Authorized Transactions

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    Pre-authorizations can be completed using the virtual terminal by changing the transaction type under more options. They can also be completed using the POS system in the Helcim App

    Capturing a pre-authorization

    Once you have completed a pre-authorization, you need to capture the funds using an approval code. This function will complete the pre-auth/capture action and charge the funds to the customer. 

    Follow the steps below to capture the approval code. Here

    First, you need to find the original pre-authorization transaction. To see instructions on how to search transactions please click here.

    Once you have found the pre-authorization transaction you would like to capture, select it by clicking on it. You should see PRE-AUTH under Type of transaction.

    capturing a pre-authorization

    The transaction details will show, click on the 3 dots in the top right and then select Capture from the drop down menu. 


    You can also select Void from the list above. If the pre-auth is voided, it will cancel the original transaction. If you wished to capture the pre-auth you would need to create another pre-auth transaction.

    You will now be asked to confirm the capture amount, the text box will auto-populate with the original transaction amount. If you need to change the amount you can do so now. Once you have confirmed the amount to be processed, click on Capture.

    capture payment

    Once you have captured an amount you will see a Capture successful pop up. 

    capture successful

    If you have chosen to capture a partial amount, selecting the transaction will display the remaining amount. 


    A new transaction will now be added to the transaction list showing the CAPTURE.

    Capture showing in transaction list

    Pre-Auth Expiry
    Pre-Authorizations will expire after 7 Days. Once a pre-auth has expired, the option to CAPTURE will no longer appear in the action menu. 

    Bulk Capture

    To capture multiple pre-authorizations in one go, select the three dots in the top left, and select Manage pre-authorizations.

    manage pre-auths drop down

    This will display all your current pre-authorizations. 

    Outstanding pre-auths list

    Use the check boxes to select the transactions you wish to capture. Selecting the top checkbox on the left will select all the transactions in the list. 

    You can now either Capture your transactions or Capture & Settle. Capture & Settle will capture all your outstanding pre-authorizations and manually settle them as a batch. 

    Capture options

    To Capture without settling the transactions as a batch, select Capture. These transactions will be settled as normal when your batches close daily. 

    Capture full amount confirmation

    To Capture the transactions and settle them as a batch immediately, select Capture and Settle.

    Capture & Settle full amount confirmation

    Full Amounts
    When bulk capturing pre-authorizations, you will only be able to capture the full amounts. If you want to process partial amounts of your pre-authorizations, you will need to capture each individual transaction. 

    Once you have captured your transactions you will see a confirmation message.

    Success message for captures

    The captures will now show as their own transactions in your transactions list.

    Captures in transaction list

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