Configuring Your Customer Portal
    • 17 Apr 2024
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    Configuring Your Customer Portal

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    Customer Portal

    Customer portal is a secure website your customers can access anytime to view and modify their account information (including update credit card information), recurring plan details, historic and due orders, as well as make payments.

    If you are utilizing the Helcim Online Store, your customers will be able to access the Customer Portal directly from your online store as well.

    Enabling the Customer Portal

    To enabled your Customer Portal, navigate to the Customer icon underneath All Tools, or on your sidebar

    From here, select the gear icon on the top right of your screen and toggle on where you see ‘Enable customer portal’.

    You can copy the link to your portal from here, or click on Customer portal settings to edit.

    Customer Portal Settings

    The first screen under your settings will show your domain name. If you would like to update this, please contact our Support team.

    Next, you will see Customer Information with the options listed below:

    • Enable account creation: Toggling this on will allow your customers to create a login through the Customer Portal directly. An option will show on the login screen to ‘create an account.’

    • Configure required information: You can select all details that will be required in order to create an account. You can select the checkbox beside each option to require: credit card information, ACH information, Billing details, and/or Shipping details.

    Payment methods allows you to:

    • Require a customer to have at least one card on file in order to check out

    • Send customers an email when the card on file is going to expire

    • Toggle on or off the ability for customers to add to remove credit cards on their account

    • Toggle on or off the ability for customers to add new bank account information. Note that they will not be able to remove bank account information. however.

    Subscriptions: enable your customers to add or remove themselves from subscription plans from the portal.

    Theme Designer: select the brand color you would like your portal to have.

    Logs: allows you to view login attempts from your customers including success status, IP address used, date, and customer code.

    Customer Portal - Customer View

    Below is a list of all the features available:

    • View Order History: by selecting the drop down arrow on any due invoice a customer will be directed to pay their invoice online.

    • Customers can modify information such as shipping and billing addresses, by clicking on their name on the bottom left. They can also modify cards - add new cards or update a card when it is about to expire.

    • Subscriptions: customers on subscription plans can view details of the plans (such as terms and pricing), if you have enabled them to add themselves to a plan as well, they will be able to view and select plans from here.

    • Quick Order: customers can select this option to be redirected to your Online Checkout and remain signed in. This will allow them to add items to their checkout, with payment details associated with their account saved.

    Sharing the Portal with Your Customers

    If you would like to direct your customers to your portal so they can create a profile, simply copy the portal URL from the gear icon on the Customers screen. Note, that you must have the “Allow Account Creation” toggled on in your settings for customers to create their own accounts.

    You can also send your portal URL to customers through an activation email. Select the customer from your customer list (or create a new customer) and from the actions menu select 'Send Activation Email'. This will send an email with a temporary password to the customer, prompting them to log in, change their password and then add/update their information.

    Using Customer Portal for Customer Subscriptions

    The Customer Portal can be enabled for subscriptions using the Customer Portal setting within the Subscription Manager. This will allow your customers to add or remove themselves from a Subscription plan directly from the Customer Portal log in.

    To enable this feature, you will need to:

    1. Access Subscription Manager

    2. Select the gear icon in the top right of the page

    3. Navigate to the Customer Portal tab

    4. Choose which plans you would like to allow customers to subscribe to by selecting the option that says "Allow Subscribing"

      1. If you want customers to have the ability to unsubscribe to subscriptions, select "Allow Cancelling" for those plans as well.

    When the option for customers to add themselves to any subscription plan within the portal is enabled, the Subscriptions Menu option will also appear on the left hand side automatically.

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