Sign in with Google
    • 28 Mar 2023
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    Sign in with Google

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    You can now log in to your Helcim Dashboard in just two clicks using Google. Using Google Sign-In is not only a great way to save time and simplify your login process, but also to enable world-class security from a trusted industry leader. That’s one less password to remember and you benefit from the combined security protocols from both Helcim and Google. 

    Get Started with Google Sign-In

    No need to opt in, you will see the option to sign in with your Google account on your usual login screen.  

    1. Open your Helcim login screen
    2. Click "Continue with Google"
    3. Enter your Google credentials, or if you're already logged into your Google account from your device, you'll be automatically redirected to your Helcim dashboard. 
    4. You're ready to go!


    Who can use Google Sign-In?

    All Helcim merchants have access to this feature. However, please note that your Gmail address will need to match the verified email on your Helcim Account. If you need to change the email address associated with your Helcim account, you can do that in your Security Settings.

    Should I be concerned about my Helcim account's security if I use Google Sign-In? What about my Google account’s security?

    Helcim is committed to helping our merchants stay secure and Google is an industry leader with continuous advances in their security infrastructure. When you login to your Helcim account with Google Sign-In, Google authenticates your login credentials but does not receive access to your Helcim account, and in turn, Helcim does not receive access to your Google account. 

    However, no matter what login method you choose, your account is only as secure as your password management practices. We always recommend two-factor authentication, keeping passwords to yourself, and of course, no sticky notes with passwords left sitting on your desk.

    What is two-factor or multi-factor authentication?

    If you’re looking to take your account security to the next level, we highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication for your Google account. When it comes to account security, we like to think of it as a "more is more" situation.

    Can I link multiple Google user accounts to the same business?

    Absolutely! If you have multiple employees on your Helcim merchant account team, then each employee of the business can link their Google account to their Helcim account. Do note, that any Google account you add must match the verified email(s) on your Helcim account. We do not recommend this option on shared devices. 

    You will need to add your staff to your Helcim team using their Gmail in Helcim’s settings before they can use the Google Sign-In feature. 

    Can I continue using my traditional login? 

    Yes! Our goal is to be able to provide you with more options to login quickly and securely, so if you prefer to use your Helcim login credentials, you can continue doing so. We still recommend enabling two-factor authentication to further improve your account security.

    Can I log in to the Point of Sale app with Google Sign-In?

    Unfortunately not. You can choose to log in to the Helcim’s Point of Sale app with your Helcim username and password or, for a more seamless log in experience, you can use a PIN login. As POS systems are often used on a shared device, we advise against using personal credentials to login to these devices.

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