Troubleshooting Your WooCommerce Integration
  • 09 Jan 2023
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Troubleshooting Your WooCommerce Integration

Here are some troubleshooting tips for errors you may encounter with your WooCommerce Integration

Verify and Purchase transactions

If you're using a third party plug-in such as WooCommerce for your ecommerce website, Helcim.JS configuration is used to verify and tokenize credit card information, and the API access is used to run the purchase using the credit card that was just verified using Helcim.JS. Hence the reason why you will see two transactions listed on your Helcim account. One shows the VERIFY transaction and the second shows the PURCHASE.

 An Error Occurred with verify transactions - Missing Amount

error occurred notificationIf you're using Helcim.JS as your payment method, you will need to confirm that the Helcim.JS configuration in your Helcim integration setting is set to Card Verify ( Tokenize only).

If you're using Helcim.JS as your payment method for WooCommerce, confirm that the transaction type is selected as CARD VERIFY ( Tokenize only) and not Card Purchase.

If you're using direct integration as your payment method, then Helcim.JS is not required. Assuming that you have completed your PCI DSS assessment to accept full card numbers.

Payment error: INVALID RESPONSE - Sending Full Card Number is Not Allowed

payment error: invalid response notificationIf you're using direct integration and sending full card numbers via the Helcim API, you are required to independently meet the obligations of PCI SAQ-D in order to send full card numbers. Please see our support article on how to obtain your PCI SAQ-D here.

Once your account has been reviewed and the PCI requirements are fulfilled, you will be allowed to send full card numbers.

INVALID RESPONSE - Missing or Invalid Fields - Account ID

invalid response - missing or invalid fieldsYou will receive this error if your account ID in your WooCommerce plug-in settings does not match your Helcim account. Please note that your Account ID is not the same as your Helcim ID number. To find your Account ID, please see the instructions here.

Transactions not working because test mode is still active in the plugin and your Helcim account

an error occurred with verify transactionYou will encounter this error if your Helcim.JS configuration is still set as ‘test mode while running a real transaction using an active credit card.

Ensure test mode is toggled Off in Helcim.Js and ensure the correct terminal is selected in your WooCommerce configuration in the event you created a demo terminal.

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