Using Products with the POS
    • 16 Mar 2023
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    Using Products with the POS

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    Products added to your Helcim account will sync to your POS as long as you have configured them to be “Available in the POS”. 

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    Adding products to the point-of-sale 

    If you want to add products in bulk instead of one-by-one you can use the product import features in your account (linked in the articles below) to quickly add multiple products at once. To add products directly in the POS see the section below on adding new products in the POS

    For more information on how to do this, please visit the following support articles:

    Once you have added products to your account they'll be displayed in the point-of-sale when you're in catalog mode. If you don't have products to add, you can use the point-of-sale by entering the payment amount into the manual mode screen on the POS. 

    Organizing and sorting products

    By default your products will be displayed by Categories. You can adjust this option by clicking on the blue drop-down option and then selecting Categories, Collections, or Brands. Products not assigned to a category will be listed under Other

    organizing and sorting products

    Use the magnifying glass in the top menu bar to search for a specific product quickly.

    top menu bar search

    To add a product to your cart simply click on the +.

    search products

    Adding Products to your Cart

    If the product has variants assigned to it, you will need to specify which options the customer wants before you are able to add the item to your cart. When adding items without variant you can quickly adjust the quantity on the product screen by clicking the + or - buttons.

    If you need to edit an item or remove it from the cart simply click on the item from the cart to bring up the details and adjust accordingly.

    adding products to your cart

    Once you are done adding items to your cart, click on Process Payment to complete the transaction.

    Collapsing the Cart

    To view more products at once you can collapse the cart view. Click on the double arrows to collapse the cart.

    view more products at once

    Your cart will collapse against the right hand side of your screen and you will have a larger product view. You can continue adding items to the cart while it is collapsed. To return to the cart view, simply click on the arrows again.

    collapsing the cart

    You can continue to toggle back and forth between the views until you're done adding all the items to your cart.


    Adding products to the favorites list 

    The favorites list in the Point-Of-Sale is an easy way to quickly access popular items or promotional items that customers frequently purchase.

    Clicking on Favorites from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen will display the products that are currently added to the list.

    adding products to the favorites list

    To add a new item to the list, simply open the product overview and select the Star in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    add a new item to the list

    You can remove products from this list by de-selecting the star.

    Adding new products in the POS

    You can add new items to your POS from within the Helcim app. At the bottom of each product category, collection, or brand you will see a Create Item + button.

    adding new products in the POS

    After clicking on the + sign next to Create Item you can add the product details then select Create Item. 

    Create an item

    The new item will be displayed in your product list and you can now  be added to the cart.

    new item

    Editing Product Thumbnails in the POS

    Select Edit Thumbnail while creating the new item.

    edit product thumbnail

    You can now customize the thumbnail for the product.

    customize the thumbnail for the product


    Select a color block for the thumbnail, or upload a photo to be used instead by clicking on Take Photo / Upload Image. Once you have made your selections, click Save.


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