Card Reader Error Messages
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Card Reader Error Messages

Here are the different error messages you may see displayed on the Helcim Card Reader and what they mean.

Alert Irruption

This message is a manufacturer error message that usually results from physical damage or tampering to the Helcim Card Reader. Please contact the Helcim Merchant Experience Specialists to confirm if you will need to replace the card reader.

Max Contactless Amount Reached

This message will display when your customer's bank has a transaction-size limit and the purchase they are trying to complete exceeds this limit. The limit is most commonly $100.00 however it may vary depending on the financial institution. Instruct your customer to complete a chip and PIN transaction instead of tapping their card.

Card Read Error

This error may occur when the customer is completing a tap and pay transaction. Instruct the customer to insert their card instead of tapping it, or try tapping the card again by covering the entire card reader screen with the payment card until you hear the approval beep.

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