Pre-Authorizations and Captures
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Pre-Authorizations and Captures

If you would like to process a pre-authorization, you can do so using the Helcim Payments App.



Process a Pre-Authorization

Begin by clicking on My Transactions from the home page, or by clicking on Transactions from the bottom menu.

my transactions button


my transactions icon

You will now complete the transaction using the Virtual Terminal by clicking on New Transaction and Via Credit Card in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

credit card option

For the transaction type, you will want to select Pre-Authorization, you can then enter the rest of the transaction and customer information.more options pre-authorizationOnce you process the transaction it will show as an approved PREAUTH if the transaction was successful.transaction information

Please note that pre-authorized transactions are only valid for 7-days, after which time they will expire. If it has been more than 7 days from when you processed a pre-authorization, the status of the transaction will change to EXPIRED in your Helcim account.
latest transactions list

Capture a Pre-Authorized Transaction

If you want to capture a pre-authorized transaction you can do so by going to the My Transactions section of the Helcim Payments App and selecting the transaction you want to capture.

Once you have opened up the transaction information, click on the Actions dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner to expand the menu options. Click on Capture.

actions dropdown menuConfirm the amount you want to capture, this will be pre-filled with the original amount of the pre-authorization but you can edit it if needed. Once you have confirmed the amount is correct, click on Process.The transaction will now show as a CAPTURE in your transaction list.

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