Creating an Invoice in the Mobile Editor
    • 04 Mar 2024
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    Creating an Invoice in the Mobile Editor

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    Invoicing on the Mobile App

    To create or edit an invoice on your mobile app, click on the three horizontal lines on the bottom left of your screen (Settings), and then click on Invoicing. 

    From here, you will see the list of invoices generated within your system, with a Plus at the bottom right. Clicking this plus sign will pull up a new invoice, whereas clicking on any invoice on this page will allow you to edit that invoice as well.

    When creating or editing an invoice, there are the following options to navigate:

    Invoice Details

    At the top of the invoice editor screen you will see a few options. Here you can:

    • Adjust your issued and due dates as needed

    • Set the prefered payment method (Credit Card, ACH, or Either) for the invoice

      • Note: Leave the invoice number blank to auto generate the next invoice number once you have saved.

    Link a Customer

    • Search list of your existing customers or select "Create new customer" 

      • View and edit the customer information on invoice by clicking on the linked customer tile. 

    Add Line Items

    • Search your stored products and services or create a single use line item by selecting "Create custom item". 

      • Enter product name and price, and adjust the quantity

      • You may also choose to add product level discounts and taxes- these items added at this time will only apply to the product that is currently selected. 

    Billing Summary 

    Review this section to:

    • Add invoice level tax or discounts. 

    • Add a custom shipping amount 

    • View both product and invoice level taxes and discounts 

    Make sure that you have also saved your invoice before exiting this screen. You can also attach images as necessary. 

    Processing the Invoice 

    • Send

      • Send Pay Now email - Request payment for the invoice from your customer

        • Request Deposit email - Request a deposit amount against the invoice

    • Process Now

      • If you are creating an invoice on the web, this will take you directly to the Virtual Terminal to complete the transaction.

      • If you are using the Helcim Smart Terminal, this will take you to the Point of Sale screen to process the transaction in person.

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