Creating a Discount Code
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Creating a Discount Code

If you want to offer a special discount or promotion, you can set up the discount code under the Discount Codes settings under Merchandising and Invoicing. To get started, select Settings icon in your account.

From the Settings menu, select Merchandising and Invoicing and Discount Codes.
If you have any existing Discount Codes, they will be displayed on the main landing page once you click on the Discount Codes option under settings.To create a new code, click on New Discount Code in the top right-hand corner of your screen. This will open up the editable form where you can enter the discount code information.You can customize the discount code information based on the discount that you want to offer to your customers. Enter the following information to create the code:

  • Enabled On
  • Name - How you want to reference the code
  • Code - The information you want customers to enter
  • Start Date and Expiry Date - The time frame you want the discount to be available for

Entering in the Discount Types allows you to further customize the options.

  • Type - Select Percentage Discount, Amount Discount, or FREE Shipping

If you only want to apply the discount code to some of the products that you offer, you can use the Limitations drop-down to customize the offering. Choose between:

  • No Limit - The discount will be applied to all transactions
  • Specific Customer - The discount will only be available for a specific customer
  • Specific Product - Provide discounts for certain products
  • Specific Product Variant - Apply the discount only to a specific Product Variant
  • Specific Category - Apply discounts only in certain Product Categories
  • Specific Brand - Only apply the discount to a certain brand Once you select a limitation, you can search for the specific item you want the discount applied to.

Finally, adding in Usage Limits can help you control how many times a discount code can be used and how many times a customer can use the same code. Select a number for each category based on how many times you want to offer a specific discount.Click Save to create the discount code.

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