Sending Payment Requests with Helcim ACH Payments
    • 18 Nov 2022
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    Sending Payment Requests with Helcim ACH Payments

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    Customers can quickly submit payment for text or email Payment Requests directly from their bank account. 

    To get started, log into your Helcim account and select Payments and Payment Requests

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    Next, enter the details for your payment request the same as you would for a credit card payment, then specify either Bank Account for the payment method, or both Bank Account and Credit Card


    Once your customer receives the Payment Request, they can enter their banking information, before completing the authorization agreement and submitting their payment. 

    If you, or your customer, uses a new bank account or uses an existing bank account that is not yet verified, the transaction will be marked as Pending. The Invoice will remain as DUE until the account is verified and the transaction is approved. Once the payment is approved, the Invoice will automatically be marked as PAID. The customer will only need to complete the authorization agreement for the first payment with your business, future bank payment requests will simply ask the customer to submit their payment. The customer will receive a copy of their authorization form for the bank payment and a receipt for the transaction once complete. You will also be notified when the customer completes the authorization form and when the payment has been completed. 

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