Updating Banking Information
  • 27 Oct 2022
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Updating Banking Information

To view the bank account information select the My Business icon and then Banking.

If you have not yet linked a bank account you will see a message asking you to Link Your Bank Account.

You have two options to add your banking information, you can either Instant Link with Login using Helcim's Plaid Integration, or you can Upload a Void Cheque. The instant link process is the fastest way to add your banking information your Helcim account.

Instant Link with Login

You can link your bank account information using Plaid, to get started click on Link.
Next, click Agree to authorize linking your bank account.
You can now select your bank from the list of institutions, or search for it using the search bar.
Then login using your online banking credentials to link your account.
Your bank account will now be linked to your Helcim account.

Upload a Void Check

To get started, click on Upload a Void Cheque to select that tab, then drop a file or click to upload a file with your banking information.You can add a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file of your banking information. This information will be verified and linked within 1-2 business days.

If your file is uploaded successfully you will see this message confirming that your file has been received and the Helcim Team is now reviewing your information.You will now see the status as Uploaded - In Progress until the document has been reviewed.

Once your bank account is reviewed and approved its status will show as Verified in your account. If you have uploaded multiple bank accounts you can also check which account is set as your Default Business Billing account on the Bank Accounts page.

Separate bank accounts
If your business requires separate bank accounts for withdrawals and deposits, or additional customization options, please reach out to the Helcim Merchant Experience Specialists for additional details

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