Creating an Invoice
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Creating an Invoice

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Online invoices make it easy for customers to submit a payment for their purchases. Helcim Invoicing includes a robust set of options allowing you to customize an invoice based on your business needs and the products or services you are selling. 

In the video below you can watch a walk through of all the fields in the article and how to send an invoice. 

This article will review all sections of an invoice in detail including: 

To create an invoice, click on the Invoices tab under Invoicing in your Helcim Commerce account.


In the top right-hand corner, click on New Invoice to get started.

new invoice

Selecting New Invoice will open up a new invoice where you can customize the information by hovering over the different sections of the invoice. You can edit which fields appear on this page by using the Invoice Theme Designer.

You can go through each section on this screen to enter the information specific to this purchase. As you hover over sections you can click on them to select and edit that information.

Invoice Settings

In the top right-hand corner of the screen you can edit the invoice type, invoice number, and status.

invoice settings


The default type will be Invoice unless you have specified otherwise in your account settings. To change the type from Invoice, click on Invoice to open the drop-down menu and view the additional options. For more information on the types of invoices you might create, check out our support article here.

invoice number

The Invoice Number will be automatically generated after you click Save when you're done editing the invoice, or you can manually enter your own.

invoice number


Use the status drop-down to set the status of the invoice. The default status will be due and additional options are shown above.


Click on the Details section of the invoice to enter additional information.

invoice details form

  • Issued On - When are you issuing the invoice, most often this will be the current date

  • Paid On (If Applicable) - If a customer has already paid for an invoice be sure to make note of it here

  • Payment Terms - When payment will be due for the invoice, the default for this option can be adjust under Settings in your account 

  • PO Number - This field is optional, it can be used if you want to reference a previous Purchase Order submitted by a customer

  • Custom Fields - If you have created custom fields for your invoices they will be shown here, if you select Edit Custom Fields you will be taken to the Invoice Theme Designer to make the applicable changes

Once you are done, click on Save Changes and your invoice will update to reflect the information entered in this screen.

Customer and Billing & Shipping

Use the search bar to find a Customer Name or click on Add New Customer to manually enter the information.

add new customer for billing and shipping

You can manually type in your customer's information if they do not have an existing profile and add their associated contact details, address, and shipping details using the text boxes.

Or, if you want to use an existing customer, once you select their name from the search field, their details will automatically populate in the required fields.

customer billing and shipping

If you enter an existing customer you can click on their name to access and update their customer profile if needed. This is an easy way to quickly add customer information to an invoice.

Once you are done, click on Save Changes and your invoice will update to reflect the information entered in this screen.

Add Products or Services

After you have entered the invoice details and customer information, you are ready to add your product information.

Use the drop-down menu to select between Product or Service, then continue searching or selecting the desired item.

add products or services

product or service item list


Clicking on Item Name or SKU will let you search for an existing product in your Helcim account. You can select Add Line to continue adding products until you are done.

  • SKU - Search for an existing SKU from your product catalog, or manually enter the SKU using the text box.

  • Description - This will auto-populate based on the SKU you select, or you can manually edit it by clicking on the item.

  • QTY - Confirm the quantity of the item being purchased, if you want to enter a partial number for the quantity, you need to edit the Order Item Information tab under the Invoice Theme Designer settings.

  • Price - If you select a product from your product catalog this will auto-populate, you can also manually edit the price.

  • Add Discount - Click on Add Discount on the individual product lines to discount that product, or select Discount Enter Invoice in the section below to apply one discount to the entire purchase. You can use an existing discount code or create a manual one for single use purposes.

Discount, Shipping, Tax, and Tip

discount, shipping, tax and tip


Under this section you can edit your discount codes, shipping, tax and tips. If you want to hide any of these fields, for example if you do not accept tips, you can do so using the Invoice Theme Designer.



Click on the text box under the Comments header to enter any additional details you want customers to see.


discount information

Click on Discount Enter Invoice to search for an existing discount code or enter a manual one. This discount will be applied to the entire order.


shipping details

Click on Shipping Method to enter shipping details and an associated cost.


associated tax


Click on Tax Entire Invoice to apply taxes, your default tax settings will appear here, or you can manually change them. After tax has been applied to an entire invoice you can remove it from items individually if an item is tax exempt.

The purchase details will be automatically saved as you work through the different invoice fields. You can click on Overview in the top right hand corner of the screen to preview the invoice before sending it to a customer. If you need to make further changes, simply select Edit again from the Overview page.

You can view your latest invoices in your list of Recent Invoices.

tax entire invoice

Add Photos

Photos can be saved to Invoices and these can be seen by your customers with the Online Invoice view. Up to 10 photos can be added to an Invoice by either dragging and dropping files or by using click to upload for your images from your file browser.

Acceptable file formats are JPEG, JPG or PNG and file size is limited to 2MB or 1500px wide.

photos upload

To attach additional photos, click on the + icon and then add the photo. To delete a photo, hover your cursor over the image and then click the trash icon and confirm.

attach additional photos

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