How to Process a Payment for an Invoice
    • 18 Nov 2022
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    How to Process a Payment for an Invoice

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    After creating an invoice you can either send it to the customer so they can submit payment using the Pay Now button, or you can process the payment for them. 

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    To get started, select the invoice you want to process a payment for and then click on the Actions button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Next, select Process New Payment from the list of available actions for the invoice.

    Select the transaction type you would like to use, either Virtual Terminal for credit card payments, EFT/ACH for Bank Payments, or Other Tender Transaction if the customer has used another form of payment such as cash.

    select the transaction type

    Virtual Terminal or EFT/ACH

    Selecting Virtual Terminal or EFT/ACH will bring you to the Virtual Terminal where you can process the payment, selecting virtual terminal will open the page with the credit card option while EFT/ACH will open the page with the bank account option. 

    The customer information and invoice details will auto-populate based on the information in the invoice. Review the details and confirm everything is correct before proceeding with the payment.

    For more details on how to process a payment in the Virtual Terminal you can view the support article here.

    Following the payment through the Virtual Terminal, a confirmation page will display confirming the payment has been processed. You can download a copy of the invoice from this confirmation page or copy the invoice number for your records. You can also click View transaction details to find more actions available to you including sending a confirmation of the payment to your customer.

    Other Tender Transaction

    If your customer has paid an invoice using cash or a check, you can mark the invoice as paid by selecting Other Tender Transaction and entering the payment details.

    transaction information fields

    • Select the Tender Type from the drop-down list. Options include cash, check, bank transfer, gift card, COD, external debit or credit card, misc, and cash refund
    • Confirm the amount that was paid
    • Add a note if required

    Review the invoice details and confirm the information is correct.

    invoice information

    Click Save to move the invoice to paid.

    save button

    A message will display confirming the process has been completed successfully.

    success transaction order saved

    A confirmation page will display confirming the payment has been processed, you can use the action items button on the top right-hand side of your screen to save a copy of the transaction for your records or to send a confirmation of the payment to your customer.

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