Invoices and Helcim Bank Payments
  • 27 Sep 2022
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Invoices and Helcim Bank Payments

You can create and send invoices to customers so they can pay online using their banking information.

When sending invoices you can use the payment option buttons to toggle between credit card payments, bank account payments, or both.

To get started, log into your Helcim account and select Invoicing. Next, create an invoice as you normally would and enter the customer information or choose an existing customer.

Next, click on the Details section and you can select how you would like your customer to make their payment. By clicking on the Payment Method dropdown, you can select Bank Account, Credit Card or Both as eligible payment methods for the customer.create an invoiceYou can now send the Due Invoice to your customer using the Actions button on the invoicing page.

If you, or your customer, use a new bank account or uses an existing bank account, that is not yet verified, the transaction will be marked as Pending. The Invoice will remain as DUE until the account is verified and the transaction is approved. At that time, the Invoice will automatically be marked as PAID.

Once your customer receives the invoice they can either enter their own banking information, or review the information you entered for them, before completing the authorization agreement and submitting their payment.

The customer will receive a copy of their authorization form for the bank payment and a receipt for the transaction once complete.

You will also be notified when the customer completes the authorization form and when the payment has been processed.

If you are a Canadian Merchant, please click here to view important information about using bank transfer payments.

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