Using the Virtual Terminal
  • 26 Sep 2022
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Using the Virtual Terminal

You can take a payment from your customer using only your Helcim account and your computer, tablet, or mobile phone in our new and improved Virtual Terminal!

How to Access the Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal can be accessed from your account in a number of different ways. Here are two common ways to access the Virtual Terminal:

  1. Click on Payments and then Virtual Terminal

  1. Click on Payments then New Transaction and selecting the Via Credit Card or Via Bank Account option.

You can also access the Virtual Terminal directly from the Customers and Invoicing areas of the platform.

Attach a Customer or Invoice to your Payment

If you would like to attach a customer or invoice to your payment, you can begin by clicking Attach to create a new customer or to search existing customers or invoices.

Customer Information

Create a new customer through the Virtual Terminal by clicking Create New Customer and adding a Customer Name and/or Business Name.

Click Add billing address to add additional relevant customer details.

If you would like to take a payment from an existing customer, you can begin by typing the Customer Code, or the Customer or Business name in the search bar and then selecting the desired customer from the search results. Once the customer has been linked to the payment, their existing credit card details will auto-populate in the Payment Method field. You can also manually enter a new payment method for the customer as needed.

Invoice Information

If you would like to attach an existing invoice to the payment, you can search for the invoice by the Customer Code, Customer Name, Business Name, or Invoice Number and select the applicable invoice from the search results. The attached invoice will auto-populate the invoicing details in the Virtual Terminal.

If no invoice has been attached to the payment, then an invoice will automatically be created for you when you take the payment. You can customize the invoice details by editing details in the Payment Summary. You can add a custom invoice number, a custom tax amount, and comments to the payment.

Take a Payment

Payment Amount

You can enter the amount of the payment in the Payment Amount field.

Partial Payment

If you have attached an existing invoice, you can choose to take a partial payment for this invoice.

Use the toggle above Payment Amount to enter the custom amount you would like to charge. You can choose to enter a set dollar amount or a percentage of the total invoice amount.

Payment Method

You can take a payment by Credit Card or ACH Payment in the Virtual Terminal. The fields displayed in this section will change based on your preferred payment method.

If you are adding a new bank account through the Virtual Terminal, then your customer will need to authorize the request before you can receive payment. Your customer will receive an email following the transaction prompting them to confirm their banking information and authorize withdrawals from their account. If you do not know your customer's banking information, you can request this information from your customer through the Customers section. For more information, click here. Learn more about Helcim ACH Payments here.

More Options

You will see different fields populated under More Options depending on whether or not a Customer or Invoice has been attached to the payment.

  • Terminal Name: If you have multiple terminals associated with your account, you can select the desired terminal for the payment here. This option only applies to credit card payments.
  • Transaction Type: You can select whether you are completing a Purchase or a Pre-Authorization here. This option only applies to credit card payments. If you choose to complete a pre-authorization through the Virtual Terminal, please note that pre-authorized transactions are only valid for 7-days, after which time they will expire. If it has been more than 7 days from when you processed a pre-authorization the status will change to EXPIRED in your Helcim account.
  • Customer Code: You can use this optional field to customize the Customer Code for a newly created customer
  • Type: You can use the drop-down menu to select the type of document you are creating (i.e. invoice, quote, etc.)
  • Currency: You can use the drop-down menu to confirm the correct currency
  • PO Number: Depending on your business needs, you can enter a Purchase Order number for the payment here

AVS Information

By entering your customer's billing address and postal or zip code information in the Virtual Terminal, you can help protect your business from potentially fraudulent transactions. AVS (Address Verification Service) information is required to store payment information in the card vault or accept a card-not-present payment. Learn more about preventing fraud during card-not-present transactions here. The AVS information will auto-populate if you are taking payment from an existing customer. You can manually enter this information for new customers. AVS applies to credit card payments only.


Complete Your payment!

When all the required information has been entered, you can complete the payment by clicking on:

Credit Card Payments

  • Charge Now (while in Purchase mode)
  • Authorize (while in Pre-Auth mode)

ACH Payments:

  • Charge Now (when taking a payment from an existing customer with a pre-authorized bank account)
  • Request Authorization (when adding a new bank account for your customer)


Providing Feedback

You can quickly and easily share feedback with us directly through the Virtual Terminal by clicking on the Info button in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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