Managing Employee Roles and Settings
    • 06 Jun 2024
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    Managing Employee Roles and Settings

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    You can add your employees as users on your account and assign default or custom roles to meet your business needs.

    To view your existing employees or add a new employee, click on Employees under My Business, or under All Tools.EmployeesYou will now see a list of the existing employees who have access to the account, along with their title and user permissions.existing employees

    Adding a New Employee

    To add a new employee, click on the New Employee button in the top right-hand corner of the Employees page.

    manage roles and new employee buttonsNext, use the text boxes to enter the employee's information

    new employee formEmployee First and Last Name: Use the text box to enter the employee's name.
    Job Title: Enter the employee's job title.
    Role: Begin typing the employee's assigned role for your Helcim account, you can also click on the search icon to find the role you're looking for. You can choose from the default system roles or a custom role that you have created. We will review how to create custom roles further down in this article.
    Email Address: Enter the employee's email address.
    Cellphone Number: Enter the employee's phone number.

    Activating an employee's login
    Once you have created a new employee and assigned their role, the employee can go to the Helcim account login screen and enter their email, then click Reset Password to create a new password for their account.

    Click on Save to create a new employee button

    The employee you added will receive an email at the address you entered that includes a link they can use to create their password. They will use this email and password combination to login to your Helcim account.

    System Default Roles

    Your Helcim account will automatically include System Default roles, to review the permissions associated with these roles, click on Employees under My Business, then click on Manage Roles in the top right-hand corner of the screen.manage roles and new employee buttonNext, click on the System Default Roles option in the middle of the screen to view the default roles and the role descriptions.system default rolesClicking on the roles will let you view the associated permissions for that role. You cannot customize these permissions, for default roles the overview page is view only.

    Helcim Account my business

    Custom Roles

    Your Helcim account includes the option to create Custom Roles to meet your specific business needs. To create a custom role, click on Employees under My Business, then click on Manage Roles in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    manage roles and new employee button Next, click on the Custom Roles option in the middle of the screen to view any existing customer roles that you have created and the role descriptions.custom rolesIf you want to create a new custom role click on New Custom Role in the top right-hand corner of the custom role buttonNext, enter the name you want to identify the role by and a brief description of the role using the text boxes.add custom roleOnce you have entered the role details, click on Create.


    A confirmation message will pop-up confirming that the new role has been created. Next, click on Modify to assign unique permissions for the role.

    modify button

    You can now scroll through and assign the specific permission options you want to assign for the role. Clicking on the button next to the role will activate those permissions. When the icon is blue it indicates that permission has been granted for that function.

    Permissions for Helcim account

    Be sure to scroll through all the options to assign all the required permissions. You can go back and edit the permissions at any time. Click on Save when you're done to apply the changes.

    You have now created a custom role and will be able to view it on the Roles and Permissions overview page.

    Updating Employee Information

    If you need to update an employee's information, simply click on their name from the list of available employees and then select Modify in their profile. You can now edit their name, role, and permissions.

    If an employee has Administrator access and they need to update their information they will need to edit it themselves, other employees are not able to edit an Administrators information.

    Deactivating or Deleting an Employee

    If you want to delete or deactivate an employee from your account or if you no longer want an employee to have access to your account, you can do so using the actions options under Employees.

    To do this, select the employee you want to remove from your account, then click on Actions and select either Deactivate Employee or Delete Employee.

    actions button

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