Setting Up Your Merchant Account
    • 17 Jan 2024
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    Setting Up Your Merchant Account

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    Accessing Merchant Account Settings

    Your Merchant Account Settings let you review and edit your Virtual Terminal Settings, Taxes, Currencies, and Language options.

    To access and edit these fields, select Merchant Account Settings under the Settings option in your Helcim account, then select the category you want to view.merchant account settings

    Virtual Terminal Settings

    Once you have selected Virtual Terminal Settings under Merchant Account Settings, you can specify the following account settings:

    Default Type Settings

    • Default Transaction Type
    • Default Invoice Type

    SRED Secure PIN-Pad Settings

    • SRED Key Status On or Off
    • Require Security Code On or Off, if you select On you can specify what you want the security code to be If you make any changes to your settings click Save in the top right-hand corner to apply the edits.virtual terminal settings


    Helcim Commerce calculates taxes on orders and purchases automatically, unless the product is marked as tax-exempt.

    The billing address determines the applicable taxes - you must have your customer's address in the system if you want Commerce to correctly auto-calculate taxes. Helcim Commerce has Canadian and U.S. tax defaults based on the Province/State. If you need to add a tax for a specific country or edit the existing tax settings, you can do so by following the steps below.

    Editing an Existing Tax Region
    Begin by selecting the tax region that you want to edit. For this example, we will be editing the Canadian tax settings.
    tax regionsOnce you have selected the country, you need to edit the tax settings at the country level, and for the individual state or provinces.

    The first screen that opens will allow you to edit the Country, Tax Name, and the Tax informationIf you need to edit the tax settings on a provincial or state level, click on State/Province Taxes under the options tab on the left-hand side of your screen.state and province taxesFrom here, you can see the State or Province the tax applies to, the Tax Name, Tax Rate, how it is calculated, and the Tax Total for each region. If you need to edit any of the regions, simply click into the text box and make the required changes.taxes by provinceIn the top right-hand corner of the screen, there are two buttons.clear taxes and save buttonsClear taxes will remove all of the default tax options, and Save will allow you to apply any changes you have made.


    Here you can view the available currencies for your account. The Core Currency is your accounts primary currency.


    Multi-currency transactions are only available to merchants using the Legacy System. For all other merchants: US Merchants can process in USD only. Canadian merchants with a USD account can process in both CAD and USD.

    currencies viewIf you want to add another currency to your account, click on Add Currency in the top right-hand corner of your screen.add currency buttoncurrency information

    Next, complete the Currency Information.

    Currency: Select the currency that you want to add from the drop-down menu. Any additional currencies added will be converted from your core currency. You can only add currencies if you have the available merchant IDs (or) terminal IDs that support the desired currencies. Please contact your Helcim account representative to add additional currencies to your account.

    Terminal (Cards): Select which terminal you want to be able to process the currency through

    Exchange Rate (Legacy System only): What is the exchange rate between your core currency and this newly added currency. 

    Enable for Online Store: Toggle the radio button to On or Off if you want this new currency available for your Online Store.

    Click Save to apply your button


    You Helcim account comes enabled with English, French, and Spanish language settings. If you want to edit the settings, click on Languages under Merchant Account Settings.
    To add a new language, click on Enable a Languageenable a languageSelect the language that you want to add from the drop-down language with drop-down menuClick on Nextnext buttonAdd the translations from English to your language of language menuClick Save to apply the changes
    save button

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