Gen 1 Card Reader Troubleshooting
  • 06 Nov 2022
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Gen 1 Card Reader Troubleshooting

Gen 1 Card Reader
All of the information below pertains only to the Gen 1 Card Reader.

On occasion, the Helcim Card Reader might not be performing as expected. If this occurs there are a few tips you can try to remedy the issue.

Restarting the Helcim Card Reader

If you need to reboot the Helcim Card Reader, you can hold down the # and Yellow keys on the keypad to restart the device.

Pressing these keys will restart the device if it is plugged in, if the device is not plugged in this will turn off the device.

Checking the Connection

If you are having difficulties getting the Helcim Card Reader to connect to the Helcim Payments app, try following these steps:

  • Close the app completely or re-download the app if necessary
  • If you are connecting the device through the USB cord, disconnect the USB from the device
  • Next, restart the Helcim Card Reader by holding down the # key and the Yellow key for a few seconds

Next, you will want to verify the communication type:

  1. Press the Green Button to power on the device again
  2. The screen should display the message, "This Lane is Closed" which means the terminal is not connected to any device
  3. Press 0001 to navigate to the Admin Menu
  4. Press 1 for Communications
  5. Check which communication type is highlighted on the device
    • If it needs to be changed to USB for example press 2 for USB_CDC or use the F keys to scroll
  6. Once connected and synced, you can change the connection type to WiFi using the setup option in the app
  7. Once the desired communication type is selected, press the Yellow key twice
  8. The terminal will now prompt for you to Save and Reboot? Press 1 for Yes

Default Connection Type
The default communication for the device has to USB for workstations, or Bluetooth for mobile

Waiting for USB Connection

If the Helcim Payments App displays Waiting for USB Connection this usually means the Helcim Payments App hasn't been able to discover the Helcim Card Reader yet. If this happens you can try two things:

  1. Confirm the Helcim Card Reader's communication type is set to USB, please reference the steps in the section above to do this.
  2. Confirm that the device is discoverable on your laptop or computer. For macOS users, select About this Mac in the Apple icon in the top left, then select System Report and USB to confirm that the Link2500 is displayed. For Windows users, open the Device Manager and confirm you can see Ingenico Link2500 or similar displayed.

Connecting the Card Reader

Now that you have successfully selected the communication type and rebooted the Helcim Card Reader, the card reader will still display the message This Lane is Closed. You are now ready to connect the card reader with the Helcim Payments app.

  • Open the app on your device (smartphone, tablet, or workstation) and plug in the USB cord if you're using USB as the connection type.
  • After opening the app, click on the Card Reader Icon, if it shows Not Connected in red, click on Setup Wizard and review the steps in the Syncing a Device Support Articles:
  • If the Helcim Card Reader shows Connected in green, click on Sync Device and follow the steps.

Deleting or Forgetting a Device

If you have completed the steps from the top two sections to check the connection and connect the Helcim Card Reader with the Helcim Payments app but you're still running into issues, you may need to delete or forget the device.

Delete the Device

  • Login to the App or login to your Helcim account through a Chrome web browser
  • Click on App and Devices then select the device you want to remove and click Delete
  • The next time you login to the app on that device you will be asked to create a new nickname for the device to re-add it to your account

Forgetting the Device - Bluetooth Connections

  • Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or Android Device and select the device, then select Forget this Device
  • Next, on the Helcim Card Reader, double check that the Helcim Card Reader displays the This Lane is Closed message
  • Press 0001
  • Press 3 to select Bluetooth Parameters
  • Press 4 to select Paired Devices
  • Selected the paired device and press the Green button
  • Select Dissociate by pressing the Green button

There should no be no paired devices listed on the Helcim Card Reader. After you have completed deleting and forgetting the devices, start from the beginning steps of connecting the devices.

Unable to Connect with Bluetooth or Configure the Device

If you have previously connected the Helcim Card Reader to other devices by Bluetooth or there are other paired devices nearby the card reader, the device may struggle to connect if the signals are competing. To resolve the issue you need to delete the devices you're no longer using from the card reader. Follow the steps from the section above for Forgetting the Device - Bluetooth Connections to remove previously paired devices.

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