Getting Started with the Helcim Card Reader
    • 11 Sep 2023
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    Getting Started with the Helcim Card Reader

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    The Helcim Card Reader syncs with the Helcim Payments App to let you accept payments in-person.

    If you are looking for assistance with syncing your Helcim Card Reader to the Helcim Payments app, please visit to walk through the setup wizard.

    You can order the Helcim Card Reader through your Helcim account after signing up. Once you have received your Helcim Card Reader in the mail, follow these steps to start accepting payments.

    Unboxing the Helcim Equipment

    Inside your shipment from Helcim, you will find the hardware you need to start accepting credit and debit cards.

    The Helcim Card Reader

    Inside the box with the Helcim Card Reader you will find:

    • Your new card reader
    • The card reader's battery
    • A six foot "L" connector USB cable
    • The card reader instruction manual

    The Stand

    Inside the box with the Helcim stand you will find:

    • The card reader stand
    • The stand and mounting case

    Securing the Helcim Card Reader to the Stand

    Follow these steps to properly secure the Helcim Card Reader to the Helcim Countertop Stand:

    • Begin by sliding the Helcim Card Reader into the open end of the countertop case. The case may need to be gently stretched around the sides of the Card Reader.
    • Next, slide the backside of the case up the face of the stand. Ensure the grooves on the case fill the tracks on the base of the stand.
    • When you hear a gentle "Click" you will know the Helcim Card Reader is connected to the countertop stand.

    The countertop stand is sold separately and is not included with the Helcim Card Reader

    Charging the Helcim Card Reader

    Follow these steps to charge your Helcim Card Reader:

    • First off, insert the USB connector to a USB port on your workstation.
    • Next, plug the "L" shaped connector into the side of the Helcim Card Reader.
    • If the Card Reader is plugged in correctly, you will hear a beep.
    • You can verify it is charging by looking at the battery icon on the Card Reader's display. If the battery icon has a lightning bolt, the Card Reader is charging.
    • If you need to turn on the Helcim Card Reader, you can hold down the # and Yellow keys on the keypad to start the device.

    Installing & Removing the Battery

    Installing or replacing the Helcim Card Reader battery is easy to do. Simply follow these steps:

    • Start by positioning the Card Reader face down, and removing the rear battery cover.
    • Next, push the small white battery connector on the battery into the vacant port in the bottom left side of the battery compartment. A soft click will confirm the battery has been properly installed.
    • Now slide the battery door back onto your Card Reader.

    Congratulations, your Helcim Card Reader is now set up, you are ready to Download the Helcim Payments App and begin accepting payments.

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